Sailing Programme

With the arrival of our new boat fast approaching the Committee invites members to join us in planning a sailing programme for the next three years.


Ours aims are to:

  • Provide a range of cruising and racing opportunities that includes previous favourite destinations, as well as new and interesting opportunities.
  • Have in place a ‘fit-out, orientation and shakedown’ plan before the new boat arrives.
  • Optimise the use of the boat over this period for the benefit of all members.
  • Provide certainty for members in planning for future activities.

Some suggestions

In no particular order here are some suggestions that we might consider:

  1. Hamilton Island Race Week, 19-26 Aug 2017. Entries close 6 August
  2. Magnetic Island Race Week, 31 Aug to 6 Sept, 2017
  3. Pittwater to Coffs Harbour, 2 January each year
  4. Sydney to Noumea Race, 1064 nm, 2 June 2018,
  5. Sydney Hobart 2018 and prep races, Cabbage Tree Island and Flinders Islet races
  6. Sail Port Stephens regatta, April each year
  7. Shake down: NSW South coast South to Jervis Bay; Batemans Bay, Bermagui; north to Port Stephens
  8. Geelong Festival of Sails, January long weekend each year,
  9. VDL Circumnavigation of Tasmania. Mid Feb to Mid March, 2019. 35 days
  10. Great Barrier Reef,  and north to Cooktown region
  11. Pacific Cruise (New Calidonia / Vanuatu ) — a recent favourite for CORC — perhaps we extend to Fiji?
  12. New Zealand Summer Cruise — Bay of Islands, and Coramandel. Nov to April is best
  13. Circumnavigation of Australia — Following Flinders route, 6-12months? 6,700nm. Need to plan around the cyclone season and a Bite crossing
  14. PNG Discovered:, Louisiade Archipelago, Kavieng at the tip of New Ireland
  15. Darwin to Ambon Race, Maluku, Indonesia. August, 630nm.
  16. Darwin to Bali via Kupang, Alor, Komodo, Lombok (ca 1000nm one way?)

What next?

All members are invited to post comments and suggestions to this page

Last updated on 28th March 2017. Please contact Steven Ring for information about this page.


Sailing Programme — 3 Comments

  1. Following the pre drinks meeting at the March Last Tuesday, it was notified that that with the delay of the Yacht’s delivery, timing may restrict extent of shorter term plans.
    I look forward to input here to help make the most of our new boat. S

  2. Peter Ottesen kindly chaired the “Sailing Forum” held at the March ‘Last Tuesday’. A large number of members attended and there was enthusiastic discussion. Peter has provided the following summary of that meeting.

    – There was a very good roll-up and members.
    – There was broad agreement on the aims outlined in the paper (as described on this web page)
    – The ideas generated a lot of discussion.
    – Because of the later than expected arrival of the new boat (mid may), the likelihood of unexpected problems during the commissioning, fitout, shakedown and familiarisation phases, it was felt that a GBR campaign this year was too ambitious and the boat should operate in NSW waters until the end of this year. Locating it at Batemans Bay for some of this time should be considered.

    – For 2017, a number of possible options. Go north for Coffs Race, and then hang around before returning to Sydney. Or go south to Victoria for Festival of Sails, Wilson’s Prom then back to Sydney. Then for rest of the year, head north to GBR (including far north), or to New Cal/Vanuatu, and back through Reef. Note, in my view either of these will make a Hobart campaign difficult, because limited time for prep.

    – For 18, VDL Rally, if we go to Hobart first. Otherwise?…..

    Peter and Steven would collaborate to develop some scenarios based on outcomes of this forum. These would be put to the members for feedback in the form of a survey as previously conducted by Frank Lehmann.

  3. Some of us old blokes (Bill Leslie, Frank Lehman, David Taylor, Peter Wain and myself) may I suggest have very fond memories of participating in the Noumea race many years ago. Generally speaking it is a broad-reach all the way, wonderful sailing. Would recommend.

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