Owning and maintaining a 46 foot yacht can certainly be expensive if you’re trying to do it on your own. But being a member of the Canberra Ocean Racing Club provides all the advantages of yacht ownership at minimal personal cost.

Debenture Members join and leave the Club by buying or selling their share, the share value being determined by dividing the total value of the yacht by the number of members. Running costs are divided between the members, and vary depending on the amount of sailing done by the member. The maximum number of members is 26.

On joining the club, new members are given a short familiarisation course on sailing the yacht and operating its equipment. Training in seamanship and navigation is provided as required, The Club’s policy is to allow its members freedom of action when in charge of the yacht, relying on members to act with due regard to their own experience and competence.

Debenture memberships are not always available, so Associate Membership is offered to people who might be interested in joining when a debenture becomes available in the future. Associate Members are invited to the Club’s social functions and may be offered places on sailing trips from time to time.

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