The Canberra Ocean Racing Club (CORC) has a duty of care to support members to recognise and minimise the risks and safety hazards inherent with sailing. In acknowledgement of this duty CORC has developed a Safety Policy and Risk Management Register.

The Safety Policy employs a risk management approach to identify, assess and minimise the risks associated with sailing as far as is practicable. The policy outlines CORC’s safety objectives and risk management processes for reducing the risk of harm to CORC members or guests when participating in activities, sailing or otherwise, on the Club’s yacht.

The policy also outlines how safety issues will be communicated to members and offers ready action plans for responding to some of the most serious events that can arise when using the yacht.

The Safety Policy will operate in conjunction with CORC’s Standard Operating Procedures, Skippers Responsibilities, all applicable maritime safety regulations and when racing with Sailing Australia Special Regulations.

The Safety Policy is supplemented with a Risk Register which lists identified foreseeable risks or hazards and mitigating actions.

Both the Safety Policy and the Risk Register will be living documents and as such will be updated regularly. Members are encouraged to always review the latest version before skippering or crewing on the Club’s yacht.